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 Big Books

BigBooks is an online rental portal, started by Rahul Maskara, which gives members access to lakhs of books, spread across multiple categories and sub-categories. The member can rent an unlimited number of books and keep it for an unlimited period of time. They have multiple plans catering to a wide cross-section of readers. They also provide free delivery and pickup anywhere in the available city with no concept of late fees. Having said this, they also have some unique features which ensure to keep you coming back for more…..!

Readers and book buyers have direct access to unlimited books with no time restriction and at a very affordable price. Not only this, you can choose from a huge database of lakhs of books, spread across 11 categories and over 100 sub-categories. This database is constantly expanding to include members’ feedback, new releases, and events in the universe of books

They offer original prints and all their books are in mint condition. They have a strict stand against any pirated form of books…which is a plus point to look forward too! The best part, multiple copies of most books available and home delivery and pick-up is absolutely free with next day delivery guaranteed

They provide their customers with a user-friendly website for easy navigation and search of books. Warm and friendly customer service to resolve any queries that you may have. They also encourage members to provide feedback, reviews, and ratings for the books, which can facilitate other members to make more informed choices and provide their own recommendations and suggestions to members, based on their profile and rental history.

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