March 25, 2017



When young minds enter the world of limitless possibilities, it is necessary to give them a good direction and the means to help them grow in all ways.This precisely is what the Entrepreneurship-Cell at St. Francis Institute of Technology tries to achieve every year during the Entrepreneurship Day aka E-Day.The main reason of organizing Entrepreneurship day was to ignite a flame of entrepreneurship in the future engineers of our country from grass root level, and helping them understand to think out of the box. Students in their first year of university education are introduced to the idea of Entrepreneurship, Startup, leadership and Business creation through E-Day. These concepts are explained with well-designed games and activities.The Students gets a chance to interact with their college alumni along with other influential and experienced speakers who answer to the Whats? and the Hows? of curious students. It’s a day full of excitement where seeds of entrepreneurship are planted into young minds with a touch of fun. E-Day is more than just an event, it is a celebration of people who think differently.