E-Day 2017

E-Day 2017 was organized at St. Francis Institute of Technology by the Entrepreneurship Cell. The target audience of the event was the first-year students of the CMPN, INFT & EXTC department of the college. The main reason of organizing Entrepreneurship day was to ignite a flame of entrepreneurship in the future engineers of our country from grass root level, and helping them understand to think out of the box.

          Entrepreneurship day was scheduled on 4th March 2017. It turned out to be a great success with around 360 students attending it from the FE department. The event line up consisted of “Think Out Loud” workshop organized by SFIT alumni Mr Sanket Prabhu & Mr Gaurav Karkhanis which consisted half of the student followed by the speaker’s session which was attended by everyone and the “Think out loud” workshop for the remaining students.

         For the “Think out loud” workshop the students were divided into a random team of 15-16 members each and under the guidance of the e-leaders they played various games such sweet 16 & spider web. All games had some fun learning qualities such as teamwork, leadership, coordination etc. which should be imparted by an entrepreneur. The teams were given points for each game played and the winning team was rewarded. At the end of this session, Mr Sanket Prabhu & Mr Gaurav Karkhanis highlighted the importance of this workshop & guided the students.
          A speaker’s session was organized where people from different disciples came forward to share their ideas and views related to entrepreneurship with the student. The first speaker was Ms Jessline Coutinho, alumni of our college and the founder of Royal Nesher. Followed by Mr D.G. Kale the Ex-CGM of RBI and Mr Vivek Sidwani the founder of gofixo. Each of them shared their ideas with the students.
               Overall E-Day 2017 was a great success with a positive response from the FE department.

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