FAQs for Unnati

FAQs for Unnati-2018

1.What is Unnati?

>Unnati is a business plan competition.


2.What is Business Plan?

>Every product has an unique set of factors that needs to be considered when determining a working a business plan.

      >Factors like:


              >Profit margin


              >Targeted Market


              >and also the people who will benefit from the product

              >Copyright and other legal formalities.

>To consider all these factors and come up with a strategy that not only gives better returns, but also makes the product valuable to the customers is the idea of a business plan.


3.Why Unnati?

>Unnati gives you the chance to get the money you need to get your dream project as a finished product.

>Investors from industries might come to see the product along with the business model, these investments can make all the difference for you.


4.How are Unnati and Pragati different?

>Pragati is a technical innovation competition where the the best product wins. Unnati on the other hand is a B-plan competition where not the products rather the way of selling them is judged. Sothe  team with the best business strategy wins.


5.Who can participate?

>Students from SE,TE & BE can participate in Unnati.


6.How many people can participate in a group?

>A group can have minimum 1 member & maximum 5 members.


7.Will there be any workshops for this?

>Yes. Several workshops and seminars shall be arranged to help the participants develop their strategy.


8.When is Unnati?

>Unnati is tentatively scheduled in March 2018.The exact dates will be updated soon.

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