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The SFIT E-Cell in collaboration with Falcon Eduventures, an alumni startup will be hosting  the Student Personal Effectiveness and Entrepreneurship Development ( SPEED ) program over the months of July,August and September 2016.

We are delighted to host a free demo session for all the interested participants.

why a demo session?

Speed-16 is a collection of 12 sessions that involve 48 hours course work including field work. This demo session will incorporate a few things from each session so that students know what they are enrolling for. Students will get a chance to experience what speed is actually about.  They will understand the need of speed from their on experience.

Also, you get to understand which sessions are of your interest and which you want to choose accordingly.

We strongly recommend you to attend this session as it will help you to discover new aspects. Hence,  through this session, you will get a preview of speed.

[1] The objective of the FREE DEMO session is to simulate the training program environment for the participants and help them get a flavor of the experience.

[2] Participants will get to experience the learning process and how it relates to their ensuing professional journey (entrepreneur or corporate) and more importantly what they really NEED to do in the years before they graduate to master a specific skill set.


FREE DEMO will have a constraint of 24 participants (per batch) and a time constraint of 2 hours (per batch). So the session will touch upon an aspect or two from a few skill sets which are very relevant for the participants. Since SPEED goes LIVE starting 30th July 2016, we can have the FREE DEMO only for 192 participants [i.e. 8 batches]. So please register early to avoid disappointment

Venue: assembly hall, SFIT

Date: 30th July 2016

 registration for demo session:

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