September 28, 2016


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MARCH 2018


The Entrepreneurship Cell at SFIT brings for YOU –

Pragati’, a technical project competition, will be held in the month of January 2018. It will be an annual innovation competition where the participants will get a chance to showcase their exceptional technical abilities. It is purely designed for second, third and final year students.


Why Pragati?

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’

                                                                                                  -Albert Einstein


Pragati is an Annual Technical Innovation Competition of SFIT, Borivali where students from different disciplines will compete with each other by creating innovative projects which will benefit the society.

After all, Competition forces you to bring out the best in you!

Pragati is your chance to turn Ideas into Reality…….


To get out of bounds

It gives you a chance to do any type of project ranging from software to hardware. There are no limitations. It is a platform, where an EXTC student can freely make a software based project and a CMPN or an INFT student can implement the hardware based project without any issue. What is most noteworthy is that you are free to do whatever you want! As a result, you get to explore a whole new side of you.

 A great learning opportunity

Pragati involves thorough screening of your projects which will analyse and thus, show how you can go ahead of yourself! Also, Faculty and Student Mentors from various departments will guide you throughout, making this whole journey of Pragati more productive. The major advantage is that we are keeping workshops and seminars related to many technical aspects that will benefit your project.

 Sharpen your skills

It is designed in such a way, that your projects and progress reports will be analysed at every step of development. This would ensure perfection and more effective result. Guidance from the experts will help you polish your technical skills and to build up a strong knowledge base.

It is highly recommended to be a part of this journey as it is going to be an amazing experience for sure!