Pragati 2018

” Pragati “

“A start of something new, something innovative!”

Let us gear up for the most awaited technical competition in SFIT-Pragati. Do you have what it takes to prove yourself in front of the entire college?? This is an amazing opportunity to discover yourself and enhance your technical skills.

Why this name?

Pragati literally means progress in Hindi.

We students don’t want to be engineers by just slogging and turning pages of our books. We want to progress. And progress comes from practical experience. So the E-cell came up with this concept of a technical project competition so that we get an extra push and apply our knowledge. Hence this is a great platform to progress and to become a better engineer.

Come and be a part of an innovative experience. This is a great way to polish yourself and learn from the best while enjoying the development of your own project.


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