Startup Profile : ROYAL NESHER



The Birth of our startup, with the foundation of freedom, is the way to inspired living. Royal Nesher is a brand founded by Jessline Coutinho and Premal Mistry, that is registered under RYN Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. Company. Nurtured by Startup Saturdays organised by SFIT E-cell, Royal Nesher is one fast growing startup by our own students.

It was started with the passion for following their dreams and a vision which is flamed with the same passion- each day! to get you the freedom to ‘BE YOU’ …And therefore they aim at being trendsetters of a positive world.

With funny T-shirts that speak fluent sarcasm, you would love to flaunt their collection. Here like-minded artists express their talents by creating unique, cool, witty one-liner, funky, trendy, graphic, motivational T-shirts exploring the best taste around with a hint of Bollywood and Hollywood getting you in touch with your favourite characters and their quotes.



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