SPEED-16 : The beginning of a journey…


  The beginning of a journey…


The SFIT E-Cell in collaboration with Falcon Eduventures, an alumni startup will be hosting the Student Personal Effectiveness and Entrepreneurship Development ( SPEED ) program over the months of July, August and September 2016. This program is going conducted by Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis and Mr. Sanket Prabhu, alumni (2003) of SFIT, will be conducting sessions over a span of 12 sessions that involve 48 hours of course work including field work

We are conducting a FREE Introductory Session to help provide a deeper insight on the program to the students. The session will be driven by Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis & Mr. Sanket Prabhu, the co-founders of Falcon Eduventures, who have designed the SPEED program


Why an Introduction Session??

to create a fire, you need to light a match first.”

We will answer many questions such as why do you need SPEED?  How is it going to help you?Is it worth to invest time in it?

We will generate a spark in you and you will be wanting to learn more. This session will help you to realize the necessity of SPEED for you and your future. It is a trailer to the entire fun filled package. This session will stir up excitement and curiosity in your mind.  This will definitely help you to discover yourself from an entirely new perspective and this session is the first step to realizing that.

The agenda of this introductory session is as below :-

  •  A brief on the SPEED ideology which will include the inside story on how the industry perceives and assesses fresh graduates after hiring them.
  •  Why & How SPEED is directly relevant to the ‘Gen Z’ students in helping them build a skill set, so compelling, that it will position them uniquely amongst their peer group.
  • Program Structure of SPEED including a brief on the various sub modules
  • Program Execution: How SPEED will be run; the modalities; the channels; the environment; the learning; the benefits.
  • S.P.E.E.D Advantage [Mentoring | Coaching | Consulting]: S.P.E.E.D Adv. Structure & Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Assessment Process.
  • Program pricing & discounts/offers.
  • Details on the FREE DEMO session [23rd July 2016]


As you can see, the FREE introductory session will provide you with an insight into the wider and deeper aspects of the program and help you make an informed decision about your participation for it.

Venue: Assembly hall, SFIT

Date: 20th July 2016

Time: 3pm-5pm

For further details about S.P.E.E.D you can refer: http://ecell.sfitengg.org/SPEED

For any doubts, queries, and registration , you can email us at ecell@sfitengg.org



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