# SPEED 16

Student Personal Effectiveness And Entrepreneurship Development

“We all are born with a divine fire in us, we just need to give wings to that fire. “
–  Abdul Kalam, Wings Of Fire

The SFIT E-Cell in collaboration with Falcon Eduventures, a Startup being piloted by none other than SFIT Alumni, will be hosting the “Student Personal Effectiveness and Entrepreneurship Development (SPEED)” Program in our own college SFIT. This course will be covered in the months of July, August and September 2016.

Now the next question that probably comes to your mind is ‘Who are the actual faces behind SPEED ?’

Well, the answer is
Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis and Mr. Sanket Prabhu

2003 SFIT Alumni and Yes! The ones who have pushed many other SFITians throughout these years to
Think Out Loud

Going to the Session Details ↓

All the session will be conducted over a span of 12 weeks that involve 48 hours course work including field work. It is a platform especially for those who want to lead their career on their own conditions.

And then comes


⇒Personal Effectiveness

SPEED sessions are designed in a way that will make you discover the Real You !!

It will inspire you to get out of every bound you had once created around yourself . It will  get you all ready to face the real world heads onThe world out there is fierce and it wont let you have anything easy! And there comes SPEED which will help you to pave your own path of success. You won’t be that face which belongs to a crowd anymore but the one which will stand out at every point.

⇒Fast tracked career path

Companies are hunting for candidates with Outstanding qualities. SPEED sessions will focus mainly on the overall development of  one’s Character, Personality and Innate Skills. These sessions will prepare you for the interviews and also make you confident enough to trade in the corporate world.

⇒Stepping out of the box

SPEED sessions are not just going to be boring classroom sessions. There will be many fun filled  and highly innovative activities which will aim at preparing you to face versatile challenges. SPEED will leverage on your comfort zone to develop an all-round personality.

⇒Learn from the best

The most exciting thing is that you will be getting an opportunity of listening to many stalwarts in the field and gain from their experience and knowledge. The vast experience gained by these experts from their core areas is a trove of knowledge which will help you build your career.

PS: They will be sharing a few secrets of their success. Let’s not miss the chance to hear them out!!

⇒Entrepreneurship Development

SPEED will make you think like an entrepreneur, you will learn to generate ideas and most of all,how to convert them into a Plan! SPEED will bring together those tools & techniques which are used by Entrepreneurs to create and sustain a mindset which ensures Excellence’.

So Guyz ! Gear yourselves Up because

  • Each session is going to be very intense.
  • Every moment you will learn something new.
  • Every day will bring out the best in you.

And so we strongly recommend you to Participate in these sessions!

Also the cherry our this cake is you get a free sample session   ⇓

A little bit of everything

A free Introductory  Sample Session for all the interested participants. This session will be incorporating some aspects of all the modules to be caught upon in the course. This session will help students experience what actually SPEED is about and the Quality of sessions. To know more about the intro Session please visit: http://ecell.sfitengg.org/speed-introductory-session/

For more details on the SPEED Program, its Syllabus and Schedule → Visit : http://ecell.sfitengg.org/SPEED16

Registration for SPEED :

Please visit :http://www.ecell.sfitengg.org 
You can also email us at ecell@sfitengg.org with your details and query.


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