June 25, 2016

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Student Personal Effectiveness And Entrepreneurship Development

The SFIT E-Cell in collaboration with Falcon Eduventures, an alumni startup will be hosting  the Student Personal Effectiveness and Entrepreneurship Development ( SPEED ) program over the months of July,August and September 2016. The SPEED program is spearheaded by Mr. Gaurav Karkhanis and Mr. Sanket Prabhu, alumni of SFIT, will be conducting sessions over a span of 12 sessions that involve 48 hours course work including field work

Before we venture into what SPEED offers let’s have a quick look at why we have created SPEED. We would all agree that the industry, the market, the competition is no longer the same what it used to be a decade back. It wouldn’t be wrong,  therefore,  to say  that  the aspirations of  the Generation ‘Z’ engineering graduates are no longer the same as what they used to be. We have classified these aspirations in the following categories:

  • Entrepreneurs (including  first  generation  entrepreneurs):  Those  who  would  love  to  start  their  own company by designing products/services which solve real world problems.
  • StartUp challenge:  Those  who  desire  to  work  for  a  Startup which will offer  thought-provoking  & challenging roles as against those offered by established big IT companies. This provides the students the insights into how exactly a Startup works in case they intend to start a company of their own some day.
  • DREAM job/company: They hear them every day. They see them every day. They use them every day. They aspire to work for them someday. These aspirants desire to work for big MNC companies, which offer the opportunity to work in diverse areas and provide an unmatched career path [e.g. Microsoft, Apple, Google etc.]
  • Fast tracked career path:  How  do  you  stand-out  as  a  top  performer  while  working  for  an  Indian organization which  has  thousands  of employees. These aspirants want  to ensure  that  they  create a niche for themselves and are able to demonstrate their credibility to the senior management to fast track their careers and secure lucrative & challenging roles overseas or leadership roles in India. [e.g. Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Cognizant etc.]

We have designed the SPEED program which will meet the requirements of such highly aspirational students who are driven to excel and achieve success. In an industry which is evolving every single day, the challenges they face are  getting  bigger &  complex. With  the emergence  of  new  technologies and  new  players,  competition  has intensified more than ever before. The industry has realized that the only way to keep pace with the evolution and stay ahead of the competition is by hiring, retaining & rewarding talent that is making a real difference to their business. In their endeavor to achieve this objective, there is an immense focus on hiring talent which can hit the ground running i.e. start performing from Day 1.

On  the  other  hand,  while  the  curriculum  designed  by  the University  is  intensive,  it , unfortunately, lacks  the flexibility  to upgrade itself at  the pace at which industry dynamics are changing. It is,  therefore, creating a divide between talent expectation & talent outcome.We have designed SPEED with the sole intention of bridging this divide and by equipping the young talent with a contemporary skill set to help them create real impact in the industry [by being Entrepreneurs OR high performing / most valued employee for their organizations]

 What is SPEED?

Before we proceed into the program details, we would like to bring forth that the program content has been designed  by  putting  together  the  practical  approaches  &  patterns  emerging  from  collective  excellence  of contemporary experts in the subject matter. We have done this by acting as hunters of human excellence to gather & study these approaches and then further simply them into concepts that are easily understood and implemented by the students. In addition to this, what further differentiates our offering and makes it even more impactful is our facilitation approach. We will be using a combination of activities, games, theater, music, simulations, roleplays, case studies and excursions. They enhance the quality of our experiential learning. The training  will  not  be  limited  to  classroom  sessions and  will entail  participation at  outbound  locations  within Mumbai. We believe in training not just for learning, but for accomplishment.The SPEED program has two core modules as shown below. Each submodule has a time duration between 4 to 8 hours.

Submodules of SPEED:


Design Thinking 4 hours The Winning Mindset 4 hours
Creative  Problem  Solving  &  Decision Making 4 hours Idea Generation & Evaluation 4 hours
Advanced   Corporate   and   Business Communication 4 hours Business Model Canvas 4 hours
Presentation Skills 4 hours Marketing for Entrepreneurs 4 hours
Team Building & Leadership 4 hours Sales Effectiveness 4 hours
Finance: Sourcing & Managing Money 4 hours
Getting Started 2 hours
Networking for Entrepreneurs 2 hours
TOTAL 20 hours TOTAL 28 hours
GRAND TOTAL  48 hours+

Personal Effectiveness:

  • Design Thinking 
    • Design Thinking (DT) is the most evolving approach to solving complex real world problems and finding desirable solutions. With DT being increasingly used as a strategy for innovation, the benefits of learning this approach would hold aspirants in good stead in their professional career.
  • Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making
    • One of the key attributes that an organization looks for in a programmer is his ability to solve complex & multi-layered problems. It transcends beyond a student’s knowledge of a particular technology or a programming language, as it has been observed that students adapt technology very  quickly.  This  program  is,  therefore,  designed  to  help  students  imbibe  a  uniquely  creative approach to problem-solving.
    1. Identifying the problem and forming the problem statement
    2. Tools & techniques to analyze & find the root cause of the problem
    3.  Creative thinking techniques to design multiple solutions to the problem
    4.  Methods & techniques to empower your decision-making matrix
    5.  Implementing the solution
  • Advanced Corporate & Business Communication
    • We are cognizant of the fact that Communication Skills is a part of the engineering curriculum but we have still included this as a part of SPEED purely since we have designed keeping in mind the practical aspects of messaging in corporate world
    1. The art of creating long lasting & good first impressions
    2. The art of Introduction: How to have them remember you for years.
    3. The art of Conversation. Listening beyond Listening: How to read your listener.
    4. The art of persuasion: A must for a young professional dealing with multiple stakeholders
    5. The art of saying ‘No’: How to say ‘No’ and still have them like you.
    6. The art of conveying a bad news: How to say the undesirable but not incur the wrath.
    7. The Elevator Pitch: How to win the attention of your listener in less than a minute
  • Presentation Skills: To Inform | To Convince | To Persuade
    • The importance of Presentation Skills: Why this is a key skill for an entrepreneur & How can a young professional use this to jumpstart his career.
    • The two key areas of focus
    • Nine simple steps to be powerful presenter
  • Team Building & Leadership
    • Forming | Storming | Norming | Performing
    • Being a young leader : Challenges and Strategies

Entrepreneurship Development

  • The Winning Mindset
    • How to think like an entrepreneur!!

      • Before we proceed on the journey to acquire skills required to be an entrepreneur, it is important to understand the mindset with which entrepreneurs start their ventures. Through our research we have been able to bring together those tools & techniques which are used by entrepreneurs to create and sustain a mindset which helped them excel in their business. More importantly,we delved deeply with first generation entrepreneurs to understand how they overcame their challenges and conditioned their mind for chasing their aspirations & succeeding at it. Given that most of our participants are likely to be first generation entrepreneurs or second generation entrepreneurs taking a leap of faith, this session is most relevant and extremely important from the point of context setting and getting the participants to commit to the course
  • Idea Generation & Evaluation
    • Want to be an entrepreneur, but don’t have any business ideas! Here’s how to generate them!
      • Through our collaborative efforts with the industry, we realized that not all business ideas were a result of a ‘Eureka’ moment where an idea sprung out of nowhere. In fact, such instances were hardly a few. Most ideas were generated through a systematic process using powerful tools and techniques. In this session, we intend to bring these to our participants and demonstrate how they can use it generate ideas. The genesis of this session was the fact that a lot of aspirants desire to be entrepreneur but they don’t know have an ‘Idea’ to work on or don’t know how to generate ideas.
    • Have a business idea but want to evaluate it BEFORE you put in all the effort!! This is how to do it
      • Creating  a  business  model  and  a  strategy  around  it  is  a  humongous  ask  which  requires  entrepreneurs to dedicate a lot of time, energy & money to prepare it. How do you ensure that  the idea you have generated is really worth all this effort? How would it feel if after all the effort  you realize that the idea amounts to nothing? In this session, we take the participants through the proven process of Idea evaluation which will help them critically assess the feasibility of their proposition and save valuable time effort.
  • Business Model Canvas
    • Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool which allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent & pivot your business model. Through this session, we will provide deeper insight into how you can use BMC to build business models that work and value positions that sell. Participants will also learn of proven tools, methodologies & concepts used by big corporations to rejig their business model/value propositions to survive, bring & lead change in their industry
  • Marketing for Entrepreneurs
    • When  you  are  making  a  product  or  a  service  for  a  geographically  vast  country  like  India  or planning to launch it to an even wider clientele overseas, you need to champion the marketing gimmick  to  reach  your  customers  to  boost  your  sales.  With  the  advent  of  new  platforms including social media, the rules of the game have changed. In this session we take you through all the steps  When to market? How to market? How to assess your marketing budget?
      • Traditional Marketing
      • Digital Marketing Social Media & Email Marketing
      • Advertising
      • Pricing
      • Distribution
  • Sales Effectiveness
    • Identify | Prospect | Pitch | Negotiate | Win | Maintain
      • One of the oldest skills known to mankind & practiced by many but championed by a few  –Selling is a science. This submodule focusses on how to master this skill
        • Understanding the stakeholder dynamics: Buyer & Seller
        • Value Proposition
        • Negotiation Skills
  • Finance
    • Its all about the money
      • Its no secret that businesses that thrive in long run are the ones which manage their costs most efficiently and have the ability to raise capital costEeffectively when they need it the most. That is exactly what this session is all about – Raising & managing your funds! Keeping in mind that the participants are unlikely to have had any previous exposure to finance related concepts, a good part of the session will be spent on Primer where we would acclimatize the participants with basics concepts, financial statements & ratios to help them gain comfort with the topic
        • Financial Statements
        • Financial Ratios
        • Lean Finance for StartUps
  • Getting Started
    • Formalities | Legalities | Regulation | Taxation & actually forming the company
      • Through  this  session,  we  intend  to  take  the  participants  through  the  elaborative  process  of  entity  formation  and  the  basis  for  arriving  at  a  particular  entity  type  (i.e.  Proprietorship,  Partnership,  Limited  Liability  Company,  Private  Limited  Company,  Public  Limited  Company  etc.More importantly, the session will include a brief on the regulatory challenges/norms that  the participant as a founder would need to adhere to for complying with the authorities.
  • Networking
    • Networking: It’s a word that means many things to people. What actually is it? What’s it for?  What  sort  of  people  network?  Is  Networking  skills  something  that  can  be  acquired?  In  this  session,  we  will  look  to  answer  these  questions  and  provide  suggestions  and  hints  for  those  wanting to excel at Networking. It will also provide the many benefits of networking, inside &  outside the workplace, a person to person and virtual networking

Benefits of SPEED:


Needless to say, the participants of the SPEED program will just gain 48+ hours of high skill contemporary  knowledge.  it will upskill them to a level where they will be able to demonstrate their competitive edge in  the corporate world. We will award all participants a “Certificate of Merit” by Falcon Eduventures  evidencing their successful completion of the program.

All participants enrolling for the SPEED program will granted ‘free membership’ to Falcon Eduventures which includes FREE access to information (written or curated) appearing on our online platforms. This would also include the benefit of availing enrollment with any future Falcon Eduventures programs at 50% discount.


Schedule for SPEED:

Time Commitment: 4 hours |  12 weekends | Either Saturday/Sunday

Start Date : 30th July 2016

Register for the FREE DEMO (2 hours) on Saturday 23rd July 2016

Time Commitment: 2 hours

For Registration of the FREE DEMO Session (2 hours) Click here: ecell.sfitengg.org/registration-23-july/


You can also email us ecell@sfitengg.org with your details or contact any of the ECELL representatives

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