Unnati : The latest venture of E-Cell, SFIT

Unnati is the latest venture in E-Cell SFIT’s relentless endeavours towards helping the students of SFIT and beyond
to realize their entrepreneurial dreams. It was launched to further ignite the spark of entrepreneurship and tech-innovation that flared through the college through its precursor Pragati. It is basically a business plan competition
within which you get an opportunity to pitch your business plan or Idea, Innovation or thought, to actual investors. If your proposal has convincing potential that manages to grab the attention of the attending investors, you might win that one life changing investment, the lack of which might just be the only thing standing between you and your dream. The winners of the competition too, have added benefits to look forward to. In a nutshell, if you dream to be a business tycoon, this is a competition you just can’t miss.

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