Startup Profile : ROYAL NESHER

  ROYAL NESHER The Birth of our startup, with the foundation of freedom, is the way to inspired living. Royal Nesher is a brand founded by Jessline Coutinho and Premal Mistry, that is registered under RYN Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. Company. Nurtured by Startup Saturdays organised by SFIT E-cell, Royal Nesher is one fast growing startup by our own students. It was started with the Read more about Startup Profile : ROYAL NESHER[…]

Startup Profile : BigBooks

  BigBooks is an online rental portal, started by Rahul Maskara, which gives members access to lakhs of books, spread across multiple categories and sub-categories. The member can rent an unlimited number of books and keep it for an unlimited period of time. They have multiple plans catering to a wide cross-section of readers. They Read more about Startup Profile : BigBooks[…]